As promised, our Q&A blogs with Ridgefield Vision Center team members continue. Mike, our Licensed Optician and Optical Manager, shared enough information for two blog posts. The first one posted earlier in the month, and if you missed it we highly recommend that you click here. We hope you enjoy Mike-tober, part two:

What’s your proudest moment at RVC?
That’s a tough question. It’s a tie between these two:

1. A young man brought me a pair of broken glasses one evening, just as we were closing. They had broken that day and he couldn’t see a thing without them. It was a tough fix – they were broken right down the middle — but I told him I would stay late and see what I could do. I attempted several different methods of mending them back together, but was unsuccessful. I picked out a few new frames for him that I could fit his existing lenses into. This is not as easy as it sounds, because your eyeglass lenses, once cut to fit a specific frame, are made for those frame measurements only. There is a great deal of precision and adaptation involved in refitting a previously cut lens into a new frame, but I gladly accepted the challenge and made it happen for him that evening. I specifically remember that night, because it was the very first time Dr. Droter shook my hand, gave me a pat on the back, and told me “Good job.”

2. Recently, a patient came into our office after reading our online reviews. She had a very complex eyeglass prescription and had been unsatisfied with her glasses for her entire life. Her lenses had always been very thick, and her frames uncomfortable and unattractive. Due to her past experiences, she believed that her glasses would always look and feel horrible, because of her prescription. I accepted her challenge and went to work. I guided her through the entire process, educating her every step of the way on the size, shape and fit of the frame and how it relates to the thickness of the lenses and the acuity of her vision. Together, we found the perfect frame and lens combination, and in a few days she was back in our office trying on her new glasses. She was so ecstatic that she began to cry when she tried them on for the first time. It happened to be her birthday, and she told me that this was the best birthday present she had ever received. She was so overwhelmed with our service and quality that she even purchased a second pair and was equally delighted with those.

What are the guidelines for choosing frames for each face?
Certain types of frames fit certain face shapes. A round face looks best in a frame that is more rectangular or square, instead of round. A square-shaped face with a straighter jawline needs a frame that matches the natural curvature and lines of the face, so a cat-eyed or angular frame works best. Someone with a long, narrow face should look for frames with a smaller lens width while keeping the vertical measurement of the lenses larger and longer. That balances out the overall appearance of the face and make the glasses look more natural. It is all about balance. At Ridgefield Vision Center, we pride ourselves on helping our patients look their very best.

How many frames do you have in stock?
We have more than 800 frames in stock. We carry many high-end fashion brands, sunglasses, sports glasses and safety glasses. We carry frames made from many different materials — from titanium and memory metal, to injection-molded, lightweight plastic and acetate, to frames that feature crushed crystals and inserted fabrics. We even carry a line that is 100% biodegradable, made entirely from plant-based, eco-friendly products. I meet with frame manufacturers one-on-one to ensure that we carry a wide selection of high quality, good looking, fashionable frames for our patients.

What brands of frames do you carry?
Just to name a few: Jimmy Choo, Ray-Ban, Vera Bradley, Gucci, Silhouette, Izod, Kate & Jack Spade, Aspire, John Varvatos, Maui Jim, BCBG, Carrera, Banana Republic, Ocean Pacific, Marc Jacobs, Ted Baker, Badgley Mischka, Costa Del Mar, Sperry, Lucky and Rec Specs.

Any advice for prospective patients?
When it comes to selecting your new glasses, keep an open mind. And remember, you’re in good hands. We don’t just hand you a frame to try, we present you with multiple options to determine what best fits you and your personal style. Sometimes I like to show patients our most wild and colorful frame. It’s awesome when they tell me that they would have never chosen that frame for themselves, then end up loving it. Remember, we help dozens of patients each week choose the right fames. We have a lot of experience and are here to help guide you every step of the way.

What do you do after work and on weekends?

In addition to spending time with my family as I mentioned in the previous post, I volunteer my spare time as a Little League coach and look forward to volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America in the near future.

At Ridgefield Vision Center, we stock more than 800 frames personally selected by Mike so our patients enjoy a wide selection.

At Ridgefield Vision Center, we stock more than 800 frames personally selected by Mike so our patients enjoy a wide selection.

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